Program error causes problem in Kenton

The state's largest and most complicated voting problem Tuesday took place in Northern Kentucky's Kenton County, where a glitch in electronic voting machines affected straight-ticket votes.

Straight-ticket voting — in the state Senate race between Republican Sen. Jack Westwood and Democrat Kathy Groob, and the Kentucky House race between Republican Rep. Adam Koenig and Democrat Merrick Krey — was not being tallied, Kenton County Board of Elections member Eileen Wendt told The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The board moved to take eSlate machines out of serv ice, and a technician discovered a programming error that the board had not caught during a review of the ballot, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Les Fugate said.

The votes on those machines will be counted. The board decided that if there were blank selections on a straight-ticket ballot, the vote would be counted for the party that was originally selected, Fugate said.

Kenton County has the third-largest number of voters among Kentucky counties.