Help ID Kentucky's Korean War MIAs

Two hundred and three Kentuckians remain missing in action from the Korean War.

To date, the U.S. military has collected DNA samples from the families of 162 of them, so that if their remains are ever found they can be identified.

But the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs is still trying to find family members of the remaining men, in order to get DNA samples that would the improve odds of the last 41 being found.

The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs says that, if you think you might be related to any of these men, you should call the department at (502) 564-9203. If you are related and qualify to give a DNA sample, it could help identify a Kentucky soldier still missing far from home.

Here are the 41 missing men:

Alvin G. Bunch, Simpson County, 1st Cavalry Div.

Jackie A. Campbell, Jefferson County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Frank B. Carroll, Pembroke, Ky., USS Philippine Sea.

Ray Church Jr., Knott County, Army 7th Infantry Div.

John S. Collins, Louisville, 98th Bombardment Wing.

James L. Cook, Paintsville, 1st Marine Div.

Bobby Davis, Christian County, 3rd Infantry Div.

Robert Eaton, Whitley County, 25th Infantry Div.

George T. Fisher, Nicholas County, 25th Infantry Div.

Murrel Garvin, Jefferson County, 25th Infantry Div.

M.C. Geurin Jr., Calloway County, 2nd Infantry Div,

Eugene H. Herkless, Johnson County, 25th Infantry Div.,

Barney M. Huguley, Madison County, 7th Infantry Div.

Edward Hyatt, Laurel County, 7th Infantry Div.

Lester Hyatt, Laurel County, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team.

William Kolb, Jefferson County, 25th Infantry Div.

James O. Lambert, Clark County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Jesse L. Leisure, Hardin County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Ellis Marshall, Owsley County, 1st Cavalry Div.

Richard C. McCowan, Lincoln County, 2nd Infantry Div.

William F. McMurry, Paducah, 3rd Bombardment Grp.

Ed F. Mercer, Wayne County, 24th Infantry Div.

Earl K. Neifer, Bowling Green, USS Essex

Thomas Nunes, Christian County, 1st Cavalry Div.

Charles W. Parrish, Cynthiana, 1st Marine Div.

Eunis O. Payton, Utica, Ky., 1st Marine Div.

Thomas J. Pettit, Covington, 19th Bombardment Grp.

Chester N. Rice, Bell County, 7th Infantry Div.

Charles A. Roy, Jefferson County, 1st Cavalry Div.

Raymond N. Sallee, Mercer County, 24th Infantry Div.

James W. Sampson, Whitley County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Floyd C. Scott, Kenton County, 7th Infantry Div.

Charles L. Simpson, 7th Infantry Div.

Donald M. Smith, Kenton County, 25th Infantry Div.

Willie M. Smith, Jessamine County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Carl C. Stevenson, Owensboro, VP 26 Patrol Sqd.

Everett W. Waford, Jefferson County, 7th Infantry Div.

Charles H. Ward, Pike County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Roger C. Woodard, Jefferson County, 49th Fighter-Bomber Grp.

Robert B. Yonts, Letcher County, 2nd Infantry Div.

Carlton H. Young, Hardin County, 7th Infantry Div.

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