Deputy who shot woman has good overall record

The Boone County deputy sheriff who shot a Nicholas County woman to death on Monday had received a certificate of commendation in 2003 for "outstanding service" to the community and the sheriff's department.

Deputy Scotty Hill's personnel file also shows that he was cited in 2007 for "a very high degree (of) bravery as well as professionalism" in helping to disarm a woman who had fired a shotgun at her boyfriend. No one was hurt in that incident.

But the personnel records obtained Wednesday by the Herald-Leader also show that Hill, 36, had been disciplined twice for falling asleep on duty during early morning hours.

Nothing in his file compares, however, to the encounter Hill had Monday with Brenda May Pollitt, 55, on her farm in Nicholas County.

Angered by a dispute over a horse, Pollitt threatened Hill with a pistol, and the five-year veteran of the Boone sheriff's department shot her, Kentucky State Police said.

Hill had gone to the farm, along with his wife and daughter, to buy a horse being sold by Pollitt's nephew.

The Kentucky Enquirer reported Wednesday that Hill's wife, Regina, is a nine-year veteran of the Florence police department and was also placed on administrative leave, although she was not involved in the shooting.

No charges have been filed, but Scotty Hill has been moved to administrative duties until a state police investigation is completed, the Boone County sheriff's department said in a statement.

Hill was a Newport police officer before becoming a sheriff's deputy in 2003, the same year he received the certificate of commendation from the sheriff's department for outstanding service.

Over the next five years, Hill also received a letter of praise from the manager of Big Bone Lick State Park for helping prevent injury to a park guest, an e-mail of gratitude from a citizen for recovering stolen property, and two "positive noteworthy activity" statements from superiors for identifying someone who was damaging cars and for helping arrest a robbery suspect.

He also received a positive noteworthy activity statement on July 23, 2007, for helping subdue a Union resident who had barricaded herself in a house with a shotgun after shooting at her boyfriend.

Hill also received four "negative noteworthy activity" statements between 2005 and 2008.

He was ordered to pay for a breath-testing device he lost in 2007. He was suspended with pay for one day for falling asleep on duty for about 20 minutes in August 2007 and got a verbal warning for administrative infractions three months later.

The most serious punishment was handed down after Sept. 11, 2008, when Hill fell asleep on duty for the second time. He was suspended for 40 work hours without pay.

"Deputy Hill should make sure he gets the proper amount of sleep before coming to duty and if the shift is slow be more proactive and self initiated," his supervisor concluded.