Police find $500,000 in stolen goods

For nearly 25 years, police say, Charles Helton of Cynthiana has taken materials and supplies home from the automotive company where he worked.

When Cynthiana police searched his home Friday after receiving a tip, they found about $500,000 worth of stolen property. Also found were guns and illegal drugs, authorities said.

It took police two days and several U-Haul trucks to collect all of the items.

"It was quite a sight," Cynthiana Sgt. Wilber Gross said Sunday.

Helton, 53, has been charged with several felonies, including receiving stolen property worth more than $10,000, trafficking in controlled substances, trafficking in a controlled substance within 1,000 yards of a school and altering firearms.

He was being held Sunday at the Grant County Detention Center in Williamstown on a $40,000 bond.

During the search Friday, police said they first found thousands of yellow gloves in his garage, all reported missing from TI Automotive, where Helton had worked.

Helton was part of a layoff in January at the supplier of automotive fluid storage and delivery systems for cars and trucks, police said.

Also discovered in Helton's garage were numerous drill presses, nuts and bolts, various lubricants, and a variety of auto supplies.

In a dead-bolt locked closet in the house, police said, were narcotics, guns, more than $2,400 in cash and 17 boxes of rolled pennies worth about $6,000.

Police said Helton had made trips to Florida and used a fake medical test to get prescription drugs. He allegedly sold the drugs on the street.

Gross said he did not know why Helton had not gotten rid of all the property. "He apparently was saving it for some reason."

The stolen property will eventually be returned to its owners, police said.