6 dogs, 9 cats missing after break-in at Harrison shelter

Harrison County Animal Shelter officials waited for news Wednesday about six dogs and nine cats that were stolen from the shelter over the weekend. Police did not have any suspects.

Debbie Palmer, a volunteer with the shelter, said it appeared the smallest animals in the shelter were taken. On Sunday morning, a part-time worker found several cats loose and cage doors open at the shelter on New Lair Road in Cynthiana. Someone had pried open a window.

"I just hope that they were not taken for bait for dog fighting," Palmer said. "We just can't guess."

The shelter had been looking for homes for the animals.

Palmer said she doesn't think the thieves will try to sell or give the animals away in Harrison County. She said they probably would go to a bigger community.

Cynthiana Police Chief Ray Johnson said the case is under investigation.

Also stolen from the shelter were about 50 bags of dog food, 10 bags of cat food, pet carriers, a digital camera and cases of pet wipes, Palmer said. She said there was only a small amount of canned food left on the shelves.

"We're such a small community," Palmer said. "Why were we picked?"

She said there have been a couple of minor break-ins at the shelter over the years but nothing this significant.

"We just want other shelters to be on guard," she said.