Carcasses found hanging in Menifee car wash

Fifteen plastic grocery bags containing the bodies and body parts of dead animals were found in the rafters of a Menifee County car wash Saturday.

The bags contained six cats, which had been shot to death, two possums, a hog's head, a chicken and some unidentified animal bones, said Diana McGuire, a volunteer with the Menifee County Humane Society, which is assisting the sheriff's office with the case.

McGuire said a customer washing his car at the 460 Car Wash on U.S. 460 looked up and saw a bag containing what he initially thought was a stuffed animal.

She said that all three of the car wash bays had bags with animals in them.

"It would have taken some time to do that," she said, adding that the incident is thought to have been directed at the car wash's owner.

She said she hopes a reward will be offered in the case. "It's illegal to shoot animals," McGuire said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Menifee County sheriff's office.