Colonel Sanders bust returned to Berea KFC

Colonel Sanders has come home.

The bronze bust of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders that was taken from a Berea KFC earlier this year has been returned.

The bust, valued at $1,200, was reported stolen on Jan. 24. It was returned Friday by Berea police, who had retrieved it from police in Independence in Northern Kentucky.

The Independence department had recovered the bust from a young man who had it in a basement, said Jean Anderson, who owns the Berea KFC building with her husband, Les. The Andersons opened the Berea restaurant in 1971. The bust has not been placed back on display

"We were thrilled just to get him back," Jean Anderson said. "I was never so tickled in my life."

The Berea department received a tip about the whereabouts of the bust, which was apparently taken as a prank, Berea Police Capt. Ken Clark said. Berea police informed the Independence department, which found the bust at the address that the tipster gave.

Anderson said she is not interested in pressing charges.

The tipster wants to remain anonymous and is not interested in any reward, Clark said. KFC had offered $500 worth of grilled chicken for information leading to the bust's return.

Whether the bust will go back on display is uncertain. For the moment, the Colonel is quite comfy in the Andersons' home in Berea.

"He's here in the corner," Anderson said. "I'm gonna put a quilt over him."