Central Kentucky group raises $15,000 for Pakistan flood victims

A Central Kentucky group has raised about $15,000 in Lexington and surrounding areas as part of a nationwide effort to aid flooding victims in Pakistan.

Jamil Farooqui of Lexington, a former president of the Islamic Society of Central Kentucky, has helped with nationwide fund-raising efforts as chairman of a disaster relief committee formed by the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America.

Farooqui said a group called Pakistanis of Central Kentucky is working with the physicians' group on local fund-raising efforts, and it plans to start a drive for clothing and other items.

Farooqui said about $250,000 has been raised by chapters of the physicians' group across the country.

The Lexington-area fund drive is only a few days old, Farooqui said. But he said there's been a tremendous response. Flooding has affected 20 million people and about a fifth of Pakistan's territory during the past three weeks.

Farooqui said volunteers have approached colleagues and friends and will soon take brochures to businesses. He said most people are aware of the flooding but are not aware of the extent of the damage.

"We're hopeful that we'll get to a reasonable target," Farooqui said. "The community is very open and very helpful."

Tax-exempt donations will be used for food, shelter, medications and vaccines. For more information, contact Farooqui at (859) 358-5430. Or make checks payable to the APPNA and send them to 3100 Hemingway Lane, Lexington, Ky. 40513. Donations may be made online at