Pikeville College to become university

After voting Saturday to add a business master's degree to its curriculum, the Pikeville College Board of trustees is considering changing the school's name to include the word "university."

The private Presbyterian Church-affiliated college confers a variety of bachelor's degrees and a degree of osteopathic medicine. In the past year, the school has added graduate-level programming, including an education master's degree in cooperation with Morehead State University.

The master's in business administration classes are expected to start this fall, college President Paul Patton said.

The college's long-range planning committee, whose members include faculty, students, administrators, trustees and alumni, has been asked to recommend three possible names by May 21, Patton announced at a meeting Monday.

Even if the name of the school is not changed, Patton said, the board of trustees considers the school a university.

Several names have been suggested in an online forum hosted by the school, including University of Southeastern Kentucky, University of Central Appalachia, University of the Coal Fields and University of the Mountains.

Anyone may give input online: