Second triplet dies of injuries from Boyle County crash

Chase Padgett of Junction City has died of injuries sustained in a Boyle County van crash Tuesday, according to the Fayette County coroner's office. He is the second child to die as a result of the crash. Chase was pronounced dead Thursday at Kentucky Children's Hospital in Lexington.

Chase and Conner Padgett, both 7; their mother, Stefanie Padgett, 38; and Madelyn Oblisk, a daughter born April 22 to Padgett, all were hurt in the crash. Conner and Stefanie Padgett were listed in fair condition at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital on Friday night, and Madelyn had been discharged.

McKenna Padgett, 7, died the day of the crash. She, Chase and Conner were triplets.

Stefanie Padgett was driving east on Ky. 34 in Danville when she lost control of her van. It went into the westbound lane, colliding with another van. The other driver was treated at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville.