Pet store manager charged with cruelty

MIDDLESBORO — The manager of a Middlesboro pet store has been charged with animal cruelty after power was shut off to the business.

Police were called to Purrfect Pets and found the animals in fair shape but a day or two later returned with an animal shelter representative and removed the animals to the shelter's care on May 26.

Tammy Rummel of Purrfect Pets in London said she was unable to pay the electric bill and had suffered some health issues, The Daily News of Middlesboro reported. She said a friend went to the shop and took care of the animals when she couldn't.

Jennifer Nagle of the Bell County Animal Shelter said 90 to 95 percent of the 57 animals were without water, some had serious health issues and numerous fish had died. Rummel is charged with 57 counts of second-degree cruelty to animals.