Seat belt campaign led to 21,348 tickets

Kentucky law enforcement agencies gave motorists 21,348 citations for not wearing their seat belts in the annual Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign held May 23 through June 5.

The effort, coordinated by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and supported by more than 240 state and local law enforcement agencies, also led to 1,347 drunk driving arrests, 1,381 felony arrests, and 1,156 drug arrests.

Officers also recovered 80 stolen vehicles, apprehended 2,003 fugitives and issued 10,995 speeding tickets, 579 reckless driving tickets and 6,859 citations for no proof of car insurance, according to the Office of Highway Safety.

The campaign placed extra emphasis on nighttime enforcement because that is when people are less likely to buckle up and most likely to be killed in crashes, a news release from the state office said.

"The goal of the Click It or Ticket campaign is not to write tickets, but to save lives," state Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock said. "It's an extra benefit when traffic enforcement leads to criminal enforcement."