Williams' new TV ad accuses Beshear of failing to create jobs

FRANKFORT — Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams started airing a second TV ad Tuesday, accusing Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear of failing to create jobs and Beshear's allies of running a "negative, nasty campaign to cover it up."

Williams' new ad, called "A Better Plan for Kentucky," also says that Williams will stand up to President Barack Obama, who is unpopular in Kentucky.

Beshear's camp challenged the claims and criticized Williams for using a "negative" ad.

Williams' campaign released its first TV ad more than a month ago. The Beshear campaign launched its fifth ad last week for the Nov. 8 general election.

Williams' new ad will run in Hazard, Bowling Green, Owensboro and Paducah.

In the ad, a female announcer says, "Under Steve Beshear, Kentucky has lost jobs and been ranked the worst-managed state in America." The line refers to an October 2010 report in the online investor newsletter, "Wall Street 24/7," that ranked Kentucky as the worst-run state in the nation.

Williams says in the ad that he's the only candidate with a specific plan to create jobs.

The 30-second ad does not provides details of Williams' job-creation plan or how he will stand up to "Washington liberals like Barack Obama."

Matt Erwin, a Beshear campaign spokesman, said, "David Williams is the first candidate in this race to run a negative campaign ad, which is not surprising from a man who declared, "No more Mr. Nice Guy" on primary night.

"Gov. Beshear's campaign has run a positive issue-based campaign highlighting his efforts to help create jobs across Kentucky."

An independent candidate in the race for governor, Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith, has not yet aired any TV campaign ads.

His campaign said Williams and Beshear are "both right in their criticism directed toward one another — neither deserves or have earned the office. They have both been in office yet have offered no solutions during their tenure and only promises in campaign ads."

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