6 former employees of Pulaski county attorney's office share $500,000 settlement

Six former employees of the Pulaski County attorney's office will share an out-of-court settlement totaling $500,000 stemming from a federal lawsuit in which they claimed they were fired for not supporting County Attorney Martin Hatfield in the May 2010 Republican primary.

Attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who represented former employees Angela Bray, Sara Coffey, Traci Flynn, Kristi Hollen, Jennifer Trotter and Lisa Rutherford, said the women received the settlement money last week.

The political retaliation lawsuit was filed in January in federal court in Lexington.

Pillersdorf also said an out-of-court settlement in a similar case involving Pulaski County Clerk Ralph Troxtell had also been reached, but he was not permitted to give details of the settlement.

In that suit, filed in January in federal court in London, former deputy clerks Teri Fox and Kim Hunley said they were the only two deputies who worked openly for Troxtell's opponent in the May 2010 Republican primary and were the only two employees in the 20-plus employee office that were not rehired after Troxtell won re-election.