Beshear checks on repairs to lake bridge

EDDYVILLE — Gov. Steve Beshear stopped by to check on the progress of repairs to Eggners Ferry Bridge.

The Paducah Sun said Beshear was in Eddyville on Tuesday to see how a steel truss is being assembled to replace one that was knocked down by a ship in January.

The contractor is putting the span together at the Lyon County Riverport. It will be taken by barge to the bridge and hoisted into position by cranes.

The bridge carries about 3,000 vehicles a day between Aurora and the Land Between the Lakes federal reserve. It spans Kentucky Lake.

Beshear said he was confident the contractor could meet a May 27 deadline to reopen the bridge.

"Ever since the crash that damaged this bridge on January the 26th, we obviously have been single-minded about getting this back into shape and getting this traffic moving again across that bridge," he said. "I know that in just about a month we're very hopeful that all of the problems we have had will just be a memory as we reopen that bridge and get traffic moving again."

Some of the cranes already were in place Tuesday, and Beshear said the first shipment of steel was expected to arrive within days.

"We will do the best we can to try and get this open on time," Hall Contracting vice president Tom Roberts said.