Pikeville doctor who prescribed pain pills to another doctor agrees to restrictions

The second of two doctors who improperly prescribed pain pills to each other has agreed to prescribing restrictions, according to an order released by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

Among other provisions, Dr. William T. Gaunt will have limits on his ability to write prescriptions, must take a course on prescribing, and must abstain from alcohol and drugs, except for medicine prescribed legitimately, according to an order by the board filed Friday.

Gaunt and Dr. Chadward L. Thacker practiced at Pikeville Medical Center when they came under investigation last fall, according to board records.

Each took pain pills for a physical ailment. Gaunt had a history of back pain and Thacker a history of osteoarthritis, according to their cases.

By July 2011, each was prescribing the other 180 pain pills two times a month for personal use, and each also got prescriptions from another doctor, according to the orders in their cases.

Thacker suffered an episode at work in October 2011 in which he became confused, uncoordinated and unable to speak or see clearly after he combined two anti-anxiety medications while he was taking a significant amount of pain medicine, according to a board order.

The next month, hospital representatives found several prescription forms missing from Gaunt's office, the order in his case said.

Thacker earlier agreed to prescription limitations similar to those in Gaunt's case. Both doctors completed drug treatment and were deemed fit to practice.