Northern Kentucky couple sentenced for defrauding government for almost 20 years

COVINGTON — A Northern Kentucky couple, who previously admitted defrauding the Social Security Administration for nearly 20 years, was sentenced Thursday in federal court here.

Lillian Lisa Michelle Hiles, 45, received a sentence of one year and one day in prison for saying she and her husband, Guy Randolph Hiles, 48, were separated when they were still married and living together to secure Supplemental Security Income to which she was not entitled, according to a news release from the Office of the United States Attorney Eastern District of Kentucky.

Guy Hiles was sentenced to seven months in prison, then seven months of home detention for making a false statement to a federal agency. The defendants were also ordered to pay full restitution of $99,406.20.

"The defendants' lies resulted in a loss to taxpayers of $99,406.20," according to the release.

The defendants pleaded guilty in January.

The couple, from Foster, Ky., admitted then to lying to the Social Security Administration about their living arrangements and financial resources for nearly two decades to obtain SSI and Medicaid benefits for Lillian Hiles, according to the news release.

She reported to the agencies that she and her husband had separated and no longer lived together, according to the plea agreement. She reported this change in status just before Guy Hiles experienced a significant increase in income that would have led to reduced SSI benefits for her in 1994 and ending her benefits in 1995.

SSI is an income assistance program designed to provide financial assistance to elderly and disabled individuals.

Under federal law, the defendants must serve at least 85 percent of their prison sentence.