Taylor County Sheriff's deputy charged with selling steroids

A Taylor County sheriff's deputy was charged Tuesday with selling steroids.

An FBI undercover informant bought steroids from William A. Rice three times, first in May and then twice in August, according to a statement filed in court by FBI special agent Virginia McHenry.

During the May transaction, Rice drove his sheriff's office cruiser to meet the informant and sold him a bottle of Equipoise — commonly used on horses — for $150, according to the affidavit.

In the first sale in August, Rice allegedly told the informant he would leave a bottle of steroids for him on the seat of his cruiser at the deputy's house.

On Aug. 23, the informant arranged to buy $1,000 worth of steroids from Rice. Rice told the informant to leave the money, which police had marked, in his sheriff's vehicle.

After Rice allegedly gave the money to his supplier to pay for the steroids, state police stopped the supplier and recovered the marked money, according to McHenry's affidavit.

State police and the FBI arrested Rice Tuesday at his home, according to a news release.

He was charged in a criminal complaint in federal court with three counts of selling a non-narcotic drug.

Taylor County Sheriff Allen Newton said he fired Rice when he learned of the arrest from state police about 10 a.m.

Newton said Rice had been a deputy for a little less than five years, and had been a good, hard-working officer. He said Rice's arrest was a shock.

"It's a sad day for this department," Newton said. "You hate to lose somebody who's made a good employee."