Other uses found for downed burr oak

The wood from the burr oak known as the Dueling Tree found other uses after a windstorm blew it down.

Jim Barton, 79, who formerly owned the property on which the tree stood, said some of the wood was made into cigar boxes. He has one of the boxes.

"It's a beautiful box with an inlaid 'B' at the top of it, and it's got a brass plate showing that it came from the dueling tree," Barton said.

The boxes were made by Thomas McMahon of McMahon Furniture in Campbellsville.

Barton's son, Dr. John Barton, had a lectern made from the tree and donated it to Centre College in honor of Clarence Wyatt, a history professor there. Dr. Barton is a member of Centre's board of trustees.

Some of the Dueling Tree wood was used to make hat racks.

"I have two of those in my house," Dr. Barton said.

Finally, some of the wood was used to make a headboard for the bed of a truck that Jim Barton takes to the Lexington Farmers Market.

Plenty more stuff can be made from the dueling tree.

"I still have, oh, 400 or 500 board feet of it left that I have stored," Dr. Barton said.