Man pulls gun in Paducah theater after kid kicks his seat

An Illinois man accused of pulling a gun inside a movie theater Saturday at a Paducah movie theater could face criminal charges.

During a showing of “Star Trek Beyond” just before noon, a fight broke out inside the theater, the Paducah Sun reported. A man involved in the fight told police that he and his son had been sitting behind another man while watching the movie and that the son had been kicking the back of the man’s seat.

According to the report, the man rose, cursed at the boy and asked if he was going to keep kicking the seat. The boy’s father stood up to intercede, and a fight broke out between the men.

During the struggle, the other man wielded a gun and said, “What the (expletive) are you going to do now?”

Moviegoers saw the gun and began to run toward the exit. Three men, including patrons and employees, escorted the man outside, where they met officers.

No shots were fired, and no one was injured. Police didn’t release the names of the people involved.

Staff cleared the theater, according to the report. Patrons were allowed to return to the movie, which was rewound, and they were given free tickets from the theater.

The man wasn’t arrested, but he was barred from the Cinemark property. Police are seeking charges and planned to present their investigation to the McCracken County Attorney’s Office on Monday.