Newberry activates Lexington's emergency operations center

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry activated the city's Emergency Operations Center at 2 p.m. Wednesday as the number of residents without power in Lexington continued to grow.

"We have growing needs for shelters, with power out at Ballard-Griffith Manor, which serves poor elderly citizens, and the Salvation Army, which serves homeless women and children," Newberry said in a statement. "We also have two community centers, Carver and Cardinal Valley, and an increasing number of traffic signals, without power."

Lexington had about 29,000 people without power as of 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Citizens who need assistance should call LexCall at 3-1-1 (425-2255) or 258-3970.

The Emergency Operations Center is a command center for representatives from throughout government and the community. It facilitates communication among government and community agencies involved in storm relief efforts.

Pat Dugger, director of the Division of Emergency Management, said earlier Wednesday that the city didn't open its emergency center in the morning because new computer software allowed departments to better communicate with each other, lessening the need to gather key officials in one room.