Few price-gouging complaints received

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway's office said it's getting relatively few complaints about price-gouging related to this week's ice storm.

"We don't know if it's an issue with people not having power or phone service," spokeswoman Allison Martin said. "We hope it's that retailers are on notice that they are not to take advantage of Kentuckians at this time."

As of Thursday, the office had received 100 phone calls and 27 e-mail messages from around the state about the prices of generators, kerosene, gasoline, hotel rooms and water, Martin said.

The attorney general's staff is checking into all those complaints and will decide soon whether further investigations are necessary, Martin said.

"The good news is that these are isolated complaints coming from scattered areas around the commonwealth," she said. "There is not one cluster of complaints all in one area."

Price-gouging complaints can be reported to the attorney general by calling 1-888-432-9257 or sending an e-mail to

Conway recently ended his investigation into price gouging during the power outages in Kentucky last year caused by Hurricane Ike. Conway said he secured $107,500 in fines against eight gas stations around the state as a result of those complaints.