Carbon monoxide claims banker

John Stigall, chairman of the Boyle County Industrial Foundation, was found dead Friday of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, the Boyle County coroner said.

Stigall was found about noon in a vacant rental house he owned on Shakertown Road in the Danville city limits, Coroner Dr. James Ramey said.

"The lights and electricity were out, and he took a gasoline-powered generator to the back of the house this morning apparently," Ramey said. "A couple came by to see if they could chop or cut up his fallen tree limbs, and knocked on the front door. When they looked through a back door, they saw him lying down near the generator," in a small room off the kitchen.

The couple turned off the generator and called 911. Danville firefighters found a high level of carbon monoxide inside the house, Ramey said.

Ramey said he would count Stigall as the latest ice-storm-related death. Danville is on the road to recovery after extensive power outages.

Stigall was also chairman of CKF Bancorp Inc., parent company of Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank. Stigall joined the bank in 1971 as an assistant secretary. In 1979, he was promoted to executive vice president and chief executive officer. In 1994, he was elected president and chief executive officer of the bank and was elected president and executive officer of CKF Bancorp Inc.

In 2005, he retired but continued to serve as chairman of the board of both the company and the bank.

He had also served as a director and chairman of the industrial foundation for years.

"He was responsible for a lot of the industrial growth that Danville experienced over the last 40 years," said Greg Caudill, president and CEO of Farmers National Bank in Danville.

"After Hurricane Katrina, John made several trips to the Gulf Coast. He stayed for weeks at a time, and he helped a lot of people get back on their feet," Caudill said. "He took materials and took tools.

"In fact, he brought back a dog he found just wandering around down there and brought it back to Danville, and he named it Hurricane," Caudill said. "It was just a mutt, but it was with him all the time. He'd come to meetings ... and the dog would stay in the truck."

After Hurricane was run over while chasing a vehicle, Stigall brought back another dog from the Gulf Coast, he said.

"He was a fine person. He'll be sorely missed on a lot of fronts," Caudill said.

Stith Funeral Home in Danville is handling arrangements.