U.S. 25 closed in Laurel to make way for utility crews

Kentucky State Police have closed part of U.S. 25 north of London so utility crews can repair damage from last Friday's tornadoes.

About a half-mile stretch of the highway is affected, according to the London KSP post.

Trooper Don Trosper said authorities decided to close the road Sunday night because traffic was making work difficult, and potentially hazardous, for repair crews.

"Mainly, it was onlookers driving through to see what was happening," Trosper said. "The traffic was making it very difficult for the workers, so for the safety of everybody, they just decided to go ahead and shut it down."

Police said workers are replacing utility poles that were knocked down by the storms, and stretching new electrical lines to replace those that were damaged or destroyed.

Trosper said it's unclear how long the road will be closed.

"It just depends on how fast they can get the job done," he said.

The affected area is between mile markers 19 and 19.5. Anyone driving through the area must choose an alternate route until further notice.