City should review oversight of big events

In hindsight, almost everyone sees that expecting two-lane rural roads to handle a crowd of 20,000 Luke Bryan country music fans invited a traffic disaster.

The question is how to apply foresight from now on.

We were glad to hear Commissioner of Planning Derek Paulsen say that he plans to look into whether the city needs to give itself more oversight of such events to protect public safety.

Thankfully, only one concert-goer sustained an injury requiring hospitalization; a pedestrian on Tates Creek Road was struck by a car after the show at Talon Winery. But emergency responders and vehicles need quick access to such a large gathering.

Taxpayers will be happy to know that the concert promoter will pay the extra police costs, just as the University of Kentucky pays for extra policing associated with home football games, including next Thursday night's televised game at Commonwealth Stadium.

City and UK officials probably didn't need a reminder that a home game on a weeknight will create major traffic headaches. But they sure got one.