Burgoo: Something to stew over

You didn't have to be a New York Yankees fan to feel George Steinbrenner's impact on Major League Baseball. "The Boss" died Tuesday at age 80. Steinbrenner broke the mold when it came to spending whatever it takes to build a championship team.

But Steinbrenner was known as much for firing as he was for hiring. He went through a multitude of managers looking for the right skipper for his teams, including most famously Billy Martin, who held the job on five different occasions.

Success, however, can make people forgive your faults — and Steinbrenner epitomized success. The Yankees' principal owner since 1973 forged a powerhouse that won seven World Series and 11 American League pennants.

A charitable man who injected himself into every detail of ballpark operations, Steinbrenner was frequently spoofed as an imperious figure on the old Seinfeld TV sitcom.

He will surely go down in the annals of professional baseball as one of the sport's most memorable owners.