Burgoo: Something to stew over

Word is a very prominent Republican (and former officeholder) will host a fund-raiser for incumbent Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear this fall. ...Adam Edelen, Beshear's chief of staff, still hasn't jumped in the Democratic primary for state auditor as expected. But when that happens, he may find some company. I hear Jennifer Moore, a former party chair, has her eyes on that prize, too. That could change, however, if Attorney General Jack Conway wins the U.S. Senate race. The AG's office would also be appealing to Moore. ... Stewart Gritton, a longtime official with the state Department of Agriculture from Anderson County, plans to run for ag commissioner next year. He's already filed his letter of intent with the Registry of Election Finance. Current Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer is term-limited. ... Although the word earlier was that Senate President David Williams would not attend the 130th Annual Fancy Farm Picnic, he was there briefly. Word among some of the Republicans who saw him at other weekend events was that they think he's going off the high dive for the 2011 governor's race. Still no official word on whether Farmer will jump with Williams.

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