Resolutions for newsmakers

Sen. Mitch McConnell

Tea can be healthy. Drink lots during your stay at the Earmark Rehab Center.

Sen. Jim Bunning

Spend more time with family. Autograph a few balls and enjoy retirement.

Sen.-elect Rand Paul

Make some new pals, from both sides of the aisle. Maybe cook for the new roommate occasionally.

Gov. Steve Beshear

If Noah could assemble two of every animal on Earth, surely you can make friends with a couple of legislators.

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo

Don't be afraid to speak your mind ... just check to see if you're being recorded.

Rep. Hal Rogers

Manage your money wisely. Our money, that is. Oh, and visit Mitch at the E.R.C.

Rep. Ben Chandler

You can breathe now — until Nancy Pelosi decides on payback for your lack of support.

Secretary of State Trey Grayson

Flex your remaining political muscle on behalf of more flexible voting laws.

Attorney General Jack Conway

Make a mark in the job you have. Join Trey for tea sometime.

Auditor Crit Luallen

Leave a set of step-by-step instructions for your successor.

State Senate President David Williams

How about a grandstanding ovation for the "Unforgettable" who's carrying your water this election year?

Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer

Make your latest state SUV last awhile. Saving tax money makes "Kentucky Proud."

State House Speaker Greg Stumbo

Do some daisy petal-picking to figure out whether you want to spend the 2011 General Assembly ambushing Beshear's re-election chances or Williams' gubernatorial aspirations.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson

Learn the art of hypnotism. You'll need it to make conservatives forget all those liberal stances you took before joining Beshear's re-election slate.

Mayor Jim Newberry

Finally, you've got time for some of those pet projects, like your scholarship fund idea.

Mayor-elect Jim Gray

Even high-powered business and political honchos need down time. Shutting off the blackberry occasionally might be fruitful.

Vice-Mayor-elect Linda Gorton

Work out. Gavel-wielding builds the biceps.

Councilman George Meyers

2010 saw you emerge as a champion of open, accountable government. Keep it up in '11.

Teresa Isaac

Look like a stateswoman by resisting the impulse to cash in your political chits with the new mayor.

Perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith

Give it a rest. Kick back, have a smoke.

Lee T. Todd Jr.

Lead the cheers for the University of Kentucky and higher education statewide during your own personal lame-duck session of the legislature.

John Calipari

Keep some of your scholar-athletes in school for more than a year — it's your only ticket to the Final Four, and the revolving roster looks like an AAU squad.

Joker Philips

Make this program your own. You were the good lieutenant, but the Rich Brooks era is over.

Randall Cobb

Go for the money. Stay for the glory. A grateful Big Blue Nation will support you either way.

Ashley Judd

Keep up the political activism and keep rooting for the Wildcats, even if tickets become harder to come by since you criticized King Coal.

Dudley Webb and Joe Rosenberg

The new year is a great time to clean house. Maybe take down those CentrePointe "Coming Soon" signs?

State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr

Your state Senate seat seems to be yours for as long as you want it. Now, do something great with it.

State Sen. Kathy Stein

Get a big supply of nerve pills; you're going to need them with David Williams running for governor.

Pearse Lyons, Alltech president

Encore, encore! But what can you do to top 2010?

Nick Rowe, Kentucky American Water

Could this be the year to install a gushing Roman fountain or some other water feature? There's more than enough agua — if you can afford it.

Don Blankenship, outgoing Massey Energy chief

Convince yourself there's no such thing as karma.

Joe Craft

To improve coal's image, invest in scholarships rather than a dorm for ballplayers.

Judge Pamela Goodwine

Appearances matter.

Rep. Jim Gooch

Take a remedial science class. Climate change is a really hot thesis topic.

Wendell Berry

Keep telling UK the truth, and keep telling us the truth.

Loretta Lynn

Enjoy your newfound fame with the younger set and keep singing the truth.

Horse racing industry

You can be more persuasive this year. Try starting with the legislature.


New for 2011! All makes and models come with standard anti-PR-emergency brakes!

Herald-Leader Editorial Board

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