Primary endorsements: Williams, Wuchner

Williams for governor

The only Republican on the ballot who is prepared to be governor — Senate President David Williams — also has the best chance of unseating Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear in the fall.

An attorney from Burkesville who has been in the legislature since 1985, Williams is a smart tactician who understands the financial and social challenges facing the state.

Before November, he'll have to convince voters that his ambition goes beyond getting his way in political power struggles and that he has a plan for carving out a better future for Kentucky.

Wuchner for auditor

In the Republican race for state auditor, Rep. Addia Wuchner is better qualified by both her private sector and public service experience. A former hospital administrator and four-term legislator from Burlington, Wuchner has a good understanding of the responsibilities and duties entrusted to the auditor's office. She also has a better grasp of the possibilities available to the auditor for making state government more efficient and effective. She's the Republicans' better chance for defeating Adam Edelen, the only Democrat seeking to succeed Crit Luallen, who cannot seek another term as auditor.