Burgoo: July 7

From the very beginning, the world was captivated by the videos of a cute little 2-year-old girl with big brown eyes and an engaging giggle. Caylee Anthony disappeared on June 16, 2008. Her grandmother would call police to report that the trunk in her daughter Casey's car, which had been impounded, had a foul smell and that Caylee had not been seen in a month. From that point on, cable TV and social media such as Facebook and Twitter took hold of this murder mystery, and the trial became an international circus of reporters and over-the-top commentators. Casey Anthony became a suspect early, as the web of lies the single mother told her parents and friends during her daughter's monthlong disappearance began to unravel. Yet, Tuesday, jurors found Anthony not guilty of murder or manslaughter or even child abuse. She was found guilty on four counts of lying to police, which carry a maximum of one year per count. Having spent almost three years in jail, she could be free as early as Thursday, when the jury returns for sentencing. The truth is the evidence was problematic because Caylee's severely decomposed body was not found until December 2008 because a sheriff's deputy had botched an earlier search at the site. The physical evidence to explain how Caylee died was lost. This case had all the drama and international media attention of the O.J. Simpson trial more than a decade ago. But in today's super-charged news cycle, it proved to be a stunning end for a 25-year-old woman who faced the death penalty. Stunning and unresolved.