Task force right to look at zoning more recreation

Fayette County has many unrealized opportunities and outdoor recreation is one of them.

Located in a temperate climate in the center of the country, with some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and bordered by a river, we should be attracting people from all over to come and play here.

When developer Burgess Carey recently proposed a canopy tour on Boone Creek in southern Fayette County it became apparent that our zoning laws simply don't address that type of project.

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, seeing the opportunity and the problem, decided to form a work group to study this issue.

The group will develop a zoning proposal for including more recreational opportunities throughout the county while preserving landscape and agricultural use in the rural area and neighborhoods and urban functions in town.

It's an ambitious task but one that has the potential to serve our community, and its visitors well for decades to come. A clear, well-thought-out zoning approach to recreation will give developers like Carey more certainty about what the community requires in a project while also reassuring neighbors like those who expressed concern about aspects of his proposal that their concerns are addressed.

Gorton's 14-member group will begin work in the next couple of weeks with a goal of making a recommendation by the end of August.

There are no specific recreation advocates, such as runners, walkers, cyclists or water sports enthusiasts, Gorton said, because she was concerned about appearing to favor one activity or project over another.

Still, the group would benefit from a member who has experience and knowledge in the field of recreation.

This is an opportunity for those already on the frontlines of outdoor recreation in this area to join the process. All work group meetings will be open to the public and include opportunities for public input. Join the process and help Fayette County realize this opportunity.