Councilman still flailing at golf

Lame-duck councilman Jay McChord seems determined to leave public service with some final political hacking on public golf.

McChord, with support from councilmen Ed Lane and Chuck Ellinger, has caddied for several years at city hall for a small group of private golf developers, some from out of the county, intent on undermining Lexington's exemplary public courses.

McChord's latest tactic is to force a council vote to cap the amount the parks department can spend on golf.

He wants each council member to be on record on the issue, presumably to be used against those who don't support his vision.

As we've said before, it's a classic case of a politician putting a narrow special interest ahead of the public good. Golf courses, parks, trails, softball fields, pools and other recreation venues do indeed cost money, and the parks department has tightened its belt and shown innovation in reaction to budgetary and political pressure. But public golf courses shouldn't be expected to be self-sufficient.

McChord, and the handful of developers whom he represents, have succeeded in publicizing the fact that the golf budget, like all budgets, needs to be watched.

It's time for them to leave it alone and let parks officials do their jobs.