Burgoo: April 27

Do you think the amateur paleontologist who found a huge (150 pounds, 6 feet long, 3 wide) fossil in Northern Kentucky gave any thought to approaching a local museum with his find before running back to his home in Dayton, Ohio?

Ron Fine probably ignored the Creation Museum entirely when, after 39 years of collecting what he believes to be remnants of prehistoric worlds he found his biggest one ever. Instead, he excavated the thing and hauled it back to secular Ohio where just this week he showed it to scientists who think it's 450 million years old. For those of you who think scientists know everything, get this: They can't even figure out what it is.

Questions without answers, ha!

Of course, it might all have been different if Fine had waited a few years to find his fossil. Then, after the Ark Park is built (with state aid, thank the Lord!), there would be help for him nearby since certainly the Ark parkers will be well informed about ancient waters. Fine and his egg-head buddies believe the fossil was formed in a sea 100 to 200 feet deep that covered the area long ago.

Now, that would have been enough water to float a Biblical boat.