Put Mossotti back in District 9 seat

Jennifer Mossotti
Jennifer Mossotti

With all the challenges and opportunities Lexington now faces, this city needs Jennifer Mossotti back on the Urban County Council.

The former four-term 9th District representative proved to be a hard worker, tenacious neighborhood advocate and a sane voice before stepping down in 2004, in part to deal with a family health issue.

Two others are seeking the seat being vacated by Councilman Jay McChord, but Mossotti is our choice — not just for the primary but for November.

Mossotti, a Realtor, was most recently political director of Jim Gray's mayoral campaign and briefly served as his community and council liaison.

During her time on the council, the city dealt with many divisive issues, budget woes and overt personality clashes. She supported some of the city's most progressive policies: the fairness ordinance, the smoking ban, rural land preservation and domestic partner benefits for city employees. And she withstood a targeted campaign by developers to oust her.

Yet through all of that, she successfully pushed for parks, traffic abatement and other quality of life issues throughout her district. For example, she headed up the negotiations on 500 acres of infill development along Reynolds Road near Fayette Mall. Those negotiations, including traffic changes, were credited with helping minimize the negative impact on neighborhoods. The Fayette County Neighborhood Association honored her for her responsiveness to community concerns.

Also in the race is Bill Polyniak, a salesman for a box manufacturing firm. He is personable, energetic and passionate about ensuring Lexington does not make the same fiscal and development mistakes as his home state of California. However, he has a spotty understanding of local government and a puzzling suspicion of smart-growth principles, such as building density and making cities more walkable.

Connie Kell, a former city and state auditor, did not meet with the editorial board but in forums appears eager to serve.

However, District 9 voters can choose an experienced, capable public servant in Jennifer Mossotti. That would reap benefits for the district and Lexington, as a whole.