Editorial: Candidate endorsements

Andy Barr
Andy Barr


Congress 6th: Andy Barr

The Lexington lawyer has become a more compelling spokesman for GOP views since nearly unseating Democrat Ben Chandler two years ago. Republicans should give him another chance.

Senate 17th: Damon Thayer *

Lawmaker seeking his third term gets marks for leadership and independence on failed casino gambling amendment, state pension reform and restricting race day medications for horses.

House 45th: Chris Tyler

Fiscal and social conservative and advocate for energy efficiency, Lexington engineer has achieved more in the legislature as a volunteer than the incumbent has in 12 years in office.

House 76th: Richard Marrs

Advertising agency owner made a decent first showing against incumbent in 2010. His message of fiscal responsibility on pensions, budgeting and managing health care is timely.

House 79th: Chris Logan

The stronger candidate to take on the Democratic incumbent. His two recent races have given him experience on the campaign trail and name recognition. He's likeable and energetic.


Congress 5th: Michael Ackerman

Morehead attorney is running a limited campaign against a well-entrenched incumbent. He speaks confidently about the need for affordable health care and the need to encourage alternate energy sources in state and nation.

House 56th: Carl Rollins *

House Education Committee chairman and champion of underdogs has earned nomination for fourth term.

Nonpartisan **

Council 2: Shevawn Akers or Brannon Dunn

Akers is a social worker with a master's degree who has donated her time and energy to many good causes and progressive politics.

Dunn is a volunteer against youth violence and advocate for neglected neighborhoods, he would bring useful but often ignored perspectives to the council.

Council 3: Diane Lawless*or Stephanie Spires

Lawless has demonstrated an admirable, and necessary, tenacity in dealing with some of the district's more intractable problems. Her persistence and willingness to dig into the gritty details of city services make an effective council member.

Spires work as a foster parent and serves on the city's Commission on Youth Development and Public Safety. Both have given her a unique and deep insight into services the community does — and does not — offer for children.

Council 9: Jennifer Mossotti

The former four-term 9th District representative is by far the superior of the three candidates. While on the council, she proved to be a hard worker, tenacious neighborhood advocate and a sane voice. The city needs her leadership.

* Incumbents

** Voters select one person. Top two compete in November.