Julian Carroll better choice in Senate 7th

Julian Carroll
Julian Carroll

Veteran state Sen. Julian Carroll, D-Frankfort, is facing Frank Haynes in the 7th District comprising Anderson, Franklin, Woodford and part of Fayette counties.

Our nod goes to Carroll.

Haynes, a retired Army officer and Southern States salesman, is making his third run for office. He ran unsuccessfully for the House against incumbent Derrick Graham in both 2008 and 2010.

Carroll, who also served as governor in the 1970s, is seeking his third term in this Senate seat.

As a member of the minority party in the Republican-controlled Senate, Carroll has a recent record of accomplishment that is relatively limited, although he has sponsored some admirable legislation dealing with dating violence, increasing transparency in legislative spending and supporting industrial hemp. He did get a measure creating alternative high school diplomas for children with disabilities enacted.

Carroll also has taken stands this paper has not supported, including twice sponsoring a bill to include Bible literacy in public school teaching. He also joined other Central Kentucky legislators in closing information about the pensions paid to Lexington's retired police and firefighters to public view.

Haynes has raised little money, according to the most recent reports and is mounting a limited campaign, as he did in his past races. He seems unlikely to manage a serious challenge to a political veteran like Carroll.

Additionally, Haynes sets out little in the way of a legislative agenda beyond positions on social issues — declaring himself to be pro-life, pro-family and pro-traditional marriage — and a pledge, which seems unrealistic at best, to run state government without any borrowing.

The unendorsed candidate may submit a 250-word response by noon Thursday.