Return Hoffman to House 62

We pick Charlie Hoffman in a rematch against the incumbent, Ryan Quarles, in the 62nd House District.

Two years ago newcomer Quarles, a Republican, narrowly edged out Democrat Hoffman, who had held the seat representing Scott and a small portion of Fayette County since 1997. Both men are from Georgetown.

During his 14 years in Frankfort, Hoffman showed that he could be an effective legislator, capable of working across party lines and deeply aware of the needs of his district and the state.

He's been a vocal advocate for farmland preservation and legislation that benefits small farmers, including bills to allow them to market their produce and home-processed food. He pushed for tax incentives for the Toyota plant so important to the district.

Quarles, 28, boasts some very impressive academic scholarships and accomplishments. We do not doubt his intelligence but wish he would use both his youth and his intellect to wrestle with the problems this state and his district face. Too often he relies on rhetoric about his generation along with Republican talking points.

As a freshman member of the minority party, Quarles had little power to wield in Frankfort.

Still, he introduced bills that seemed to have little bearing on his district, including one on term limits and another to create a board of student body presidents of state colleges and universities. Neither became law.

Hoffman, a career meatcutter at Kroger, has long proven his dedication to the district and his ability to get things done. Voters in the 62nd district would benefit from returning him to Frankfort.

The unendorsed candidate may submit a 250-word response by noon Monday.