Reelect Ford in District 1

First District councilman Chris Ford has earned a second term.

In his first two years representing central Lexington, Ford spearheaded the rescue and renovation of the Charles Young Center, Lexington's first indoor community center for black residents.

He responded to concerns about youth violence by joining with the mayor's office to chair a Commission on Youth Development and Public Safety. Ford then took the lead in expanding summer activities and job opportunities for Lexington youth.

Ford, who has a master's degree in public administration, is good at digging into the nitty-gritty of issues that can make the average person's eyes glaze over but are nonetheless critical to Lexington providing the services and the economic climate its citizens need and deserve.

There are no signs that challenger Marty Clifford, who also sought the District 1 seat two years ago, is waging a campaign. We could not reach him, and he did not participate in the League of Women Voters candidate forum.

(Thanks to the League for organizing forums for candidates in Lexington council and legislative races, which can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/user/lexlibrary.)

Ford has had a productive first term. District 1 voters would do well to reelect him.