Minority view: Choose Romney

While the endorsement above represents the opinion of the majority of the editorial board, Herald-Leader Publisher and President Rufus Friday supports Mitt Romney. He chose not to use his power as publisher to overrule the majority. His primary reasons for supporting Romney are laid out here:

President Barack Obama simply has not made good on his biggest promise: to change the culture in Washington. During his presidency, the Capitol remained mired in partisan squabbles while a host of challenges have not been adequately addressed.

Chief among them are the economic woes that are painfully persistent. Romney is better suited to address the shortage in jobs and related problems that plague the country and the world.

A bloated federal government has proven ineffective in revitalizing the economy and is a drag on it. Obama as a candidate pledged to go through the federal budget line by line to eliminate unnecessary spending but has not fulfilled that promise. While Obama expressed support for recommendations of the bipartisan deficit-cutting Simpson-Bowles commission, he has not adopted its specific recommendations.

Romney's experience as a businessman, governor of Massachusetts and director of the Salt Lake City Olympics indicate that he has the ability to act effectively in the face of organizational and economic challenges.

The "hope and change" strategy of four years ago failed. Voters should elect Mitt Romney as our next president.