Hope for all newborns

One of the striking things about the much-heralded heir to the British throne born this week is that he looks a lot like every other newborn.

That's part of the charm, in fact.

The royal couple looks so much like any other young couple holding, admiring and carrying their precious new baby.

It's also comforting to know that that baby will never go hungry, fend for himself after school, struggle with an inadequate education or suffer chronic illness because his parents can't afford health care.

It's quite a contrast with the awful mental picture conjured by another headline the day the royal birth appeared in this newspaper: "Drug tests of parents suggested in child deaths."

Hardly comforting, that brings to mind babies — who no doubt looked a lot like the infant royal — whose lives are a horror of want, neglect and abuse.

Babies don't choose the families they're born into. They can't shape the circumstances of their births. Society, of course, can't completely solve the range of issues that feed into severe family dysfunction and substance abuse.

But in this moment of celebrating for this infant, we should keep in mind all those infants born into little joy and less hope.

They too deserve a chance to live and thrive.