Planning city's growth; public input welcome

Land-use planning is a job of government that truly defines where, and to some extent, how we live.

Is there a school, supermarket, gas station, park near your home?

Could development uphill cause water and mud to pour into your back yard with every rain?

Can you walk or bicycle safely to work, school or a friend's house? Will a motel or apartment complex be built next door?

Will the treasured vistas of Bluegrass farmland remain unspoiled next year?

These and many other questions are contemplated in the comprehensive plan that guides development in Lexington-Fayette County.

Because things change, that plan is updated every five years, giving planners, city officials and the public a chance to think and plan for our community's growth.

This is that year.

Often the biggest, or at least the most controversial, question settled in the plan is whether the urban services boundary — the line essentially that separates our urban and suburban area from the farmland that surrounds us — will be expanded.

Early in the process city leaders said no expansion would be contemplated in this plan.

As a result, the process has moved forward with relatively little controversy or attention from the general public. Planning officials held public meetings last month.

The final public hearing on the plan will happen Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at city hall before the full Planning Commission. It will be the last time the commission will hear public comments before adopting the plan sometime next month.

While there is little of genuine controvery proposed in the current draft, there is a lot of interest. If you want to comment, this is your chance.

If you just want to know what's going on, the draft plan and the comments received to date can be found at: http://www.lexingtonky.gov/2013CompPlan.

The meeting will be shown live and will be archived on GTV-3, the city's television outlet. Check your cable channels or go to www.lexingtonky.gov/index.aspx?page=992.

Tune in.