Burgoo, something to stew over

If actions speak louder than words, we can be assured Congressman Andy Barr has adopted the Washington D.C. values he so scorns. A recent mailer from Barr, which looks for all the world like campaign literature with full-color photos, multiple references to "Andy," and a lot more hype than information, is actually "official business," which means we taxpayers footed the preparation, printing and mailing. Indeed, if we want Barr to hear our voices we must pay twice. Attached to the mailer is a so-called constituent survey. But here's the rub: While Barr used his franking privilege to mail this item for free, those responding to the survey must add their own postage. So, Barr would have taxpayers paying twice: first to produce and mail his self-promotional flier and then to respond to it. He's catching on quickly.