Mayor's challenge: Working with new council members


Congratulations to Mayor Jim Gray, who earned a second term yesterday, winning 65 percent of the vote over challenger Anthany Beatty.

Congratulations also to Beatty, a former Lexington police chief who is now an administrator at the University of Kentucky, for stepping up to challenge a popular mayor.

We endorsed Gray but believe in competition at the ballot box. It keeps elected officials on their toes when they must appear in front of voters to defend their records.

While Gray now has almost eight years in city government — four years as vice mayor and now almost four as mayor — when he begins his second term in January he will face a new dynamic.

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, highly regarded for her even demeanor, knowledge of government and work ethic, did not run for re-election and will be replaced by Steve Kay, who received the most votes in the race for three council-at-large positions.

In addition, the 15-member council will have five new members when it's seated in January.

These are significant changes, and if Gray is to continue pursuing his vision for Lexington he will need to forge relationships that allow him to work effectively with this new council.

A final note: Both Beatty and Gray ran forthright campaigns focused on their approach to the issues Lexington faces, avoiding character assassination, innuendo and spurious, hot button topics.

In that regard, each is a winner.