Letters to the editor: Nov. 19

Send old Ky. slave home far, far away

Roundball season is here and soon the University of Kentucky team will win a game and the cheerleaders will link arms and sway as they sing My Old Kentucky Home. They do this, as we all do, without remembering that the song was written to be sung by a man in blackface who has been sold down the river to work in the sugarcane fields. He remembers his family back in Kentucky where in happier days they were together. Now his old Kentucky home is far away.

But Kentucky deserves better. We have much to be proud of, and slavery isn't in that category.

Come to our rescue, song writers. Give us new lyrics, not the easy ones that might be used in pop music, such as lighting up another coffin nail, downing a double of bourbon and remembering the pot you won on the Derby. Choose instead more lasting sources of pleasure and pride, such as Mammoth Cave, Abraham Lincoln nor the storing of NCAA National Championships which Big Blue has won over the years. Give us a song that honors our state and is one that we will all be proud to sing.

Al Crabb


Print the truth

Now that the election is over the truth can be seen, not the stories printed by the liberal press. The Republican Party thumped the Democratic Party. Republicans increased their edge in the House by double digits, took control of the Senate and outgained the Democrats in gubernatorial seats. The Republican candidate for Illinois governor (President Barack Obama's home state) won, despite visits and appeals by Obama for the Democrat. Democrats lost in every governor's race in which Obama campaigned except Pennsylvania.

The press reported that the Kentucky Senate race was very close and printed many letters praising Alison Lundergan Grimes and degrading Mitch McConnell. Yet McConnell won by 15 points with 56 percent of the vote.

It would be far better if the press reported the facts as they are, not as they wish them to be; printed letters to the editor on a fair basis and refused to print letters filled with inaccuracies and falsehoods by overly biased individuals, and kept its leftist leanings confined to editorials and not try to portray its feelings as the voice of the people. Print the truth and not some fairy tale of things as you wish they were.

James D. Miniard


Wrong name

The Democrats of Kentucky missed a golden opportunity to dislodge Mitch McConnell from his stranglehold on the U.S. Senate job he holds. Unfortunately the candidate they chose had the middle name Lundergan.

John Stewart


Who elected them?

I happened to read the announcements of two engagements on a recent Sunday. Both listed the woman as the "bride-elect" and the man as the "groom-elect." Since when? What was their platform? Who elected them? I didn't see their names on the ballot. Who did they beat out for the honor? How close was it? What happened to "bride-to-be" and "groom-to-be"?

Mark Stuhlfaut


Smug Gruber, media

None should be surprised by MIT Professor Johnathan Gruber's smug remarks about the lack of intelligence of American voters or why he needed to lie to us.

Obviously, he had to lead us to the promised land of socialized health care because we're "too stupid" to know that's what we need.

Obamacare wouldn't have passed if people knew what was in it. Elitist arrogance driven by narcissistic egos are among things the Constitution and federalism were meant to protect us from. Ironically though, we've been afflicted with these things for the last six years by an administration that views the Constitution as an obstacle.

Our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press is intended to help journalists speak truth to power and in so doing expose government lies and malfeasance. But this hasn't happened in any of the dishonest, illegal, counterproductive, unrealistic government activities that have occurred routinely for six years. The mainstream media have deliberately ignored Gruber's remarks.

Gruber and the mainstream media have patrician attitudes of intellectual and moral superiority to the public they claim to serve, but actually disdain. What we are told is carefully controlled by a media that serves well-spun news to "get our minds right."

Stephen H. Pulliam