CentrePointe team has only itself to blame for delays

Remarkably, after more than six years of stories about when CentrePointe will be built, who and what will occupy it and how in the world it will be financed, Dudley Webb tried to lay the blame for the current setback on responsible public servants.

Webb tried to spin the news that Stantec, the engineering firm that was supposed to move into 2 and a half floors of CentrePointe in May, 2015 had — surprise — decided to look elsewhere.

Webb moaned that what's left him with nothing but a four-story hole was "delays with the bonds." Apparently this was a reference to CentrePointe's Hail Mary last summer to get the state or the city to issue $30 million in bonds to finance filling that hole with an underground garage, which would serve as the foundation for the development.

State officials passed. The Urban County Council was not willing to be rushed into signing on. Webb eventually worked out a deal with the League of Cities for the bonds.

Enough, already.

If the developers didn't have the money in July to begin construction, there was no way tenants would be moving in next May.

It's in everyone's interest to see CentrePointe built and successful but the blame for any delays lies firmly with the developers and no one else.