Letters to the Editor

Affordable EpiPen buy

Given the media frenzy on the high cost of EpiPens, I’d like to share my experience. I’m a senior with chronic seasonal allergies After much effort to overcome Medicare rules prohibiting me from self-injecting my allergy serum, I went to fill my EpiPen medical prescription at Kroger.

My pharmacist said it was very expensive and that there is a generic version. The allergy doctor’s office wasn’t aware of the generic version and eventually I got the two parties to talk and got my generic version.

I paid $61.40 for a two-pack of the pens not the $600 widely reported by media. I do not purchase a Medicare Supplemental plan but am covered under the Kentucky Teachers Retirement Medicare plan. I do choose the slightly higher cost of a non-mail Rx plan to utilize the local expertise of the Kroger pharmacy in Mount Sterling.

In my case, I got a pen made much like the $600 version; they all have the same goodie inside. This is just another example of the media not giving all the facts and sources at hand.

Michael A. Tyree