Letters to the Editor

Bevin is the whiny baby

In the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling that he can’t arbitrarily withhold appropriations to the state’s public colleges and universities, Gov. Matt Bevin has with child-like petulance called the university presidents “whiny.”

With gross cattiness and intemperate language, he called University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto the “most whiny” of them all.

What irony. The biggest whiner in the commonwealth is the governor himself. It’s hardly whining when more than half way through the school year Capilouto raised concerns about the drastic negative effect such cuts would have on his university. That’s not whining. That’s what is expected of any leader, and praise for Capilouto for standing up to a bully.

Without any benefit of any legal training, the governor whines and presumes to tell the Supreme Court that it erred when it did not rule in his favor. What a crybaby.

His uninformed commentary on the court ruling displays a gross ignorance of judicial process and undermines the authority of the courts. He doesn’t seem to understand that the three branches of government serve as checks and balances in our democracy. Perhaps he was at the back of the classroom asleep during his high-school civics class.

Jack C. Blanton