Letters to the Editor

Celebration of UK diversity

The evening of Sept. 24 at Commonwealth Stadium touched my heart. No, not the win.

One of the early breaks was taken to honor Nate Northington, Greg Page, Wilbur Hackett and Houston Hogg — the four men on the new statue outside the football complex. As their names were called, the crowd rose. The applause and cheers rocked the stadium.

Shortly after, at another break, we saw a video of our super, black female hurdler, Jamine Camache-Quinn. Again, great, warm cheers. I was moved and proud of the University of Kentucky. I reflected for a minute on how far we have come.

However, it took 50 years to recognize the achievements of those young men of color and the Southeastern Conference was the last major college division to integrate. There is still much to do to welcome everyone into society on an equal basis. Injustice and prejudice are still out there. Can’t we speed up the process?

Jerry Sevier