Letters to the Editor

Playing political games

One week into the new legislative session, and it is apparent that the New Year really did not bring new ways.

The practice of introducing legislation at such an inopportune time that prevents all legislators from being able to read the specifics prior to voting is, well, let’s just say undemocratic.

This is on top of attaching legislation that is not germane to another bill to get it through the legislative process as fast as possible.

Oh, we cannot forget the oversight of scheduling a hearing on a contentious bill conveniently in a room booked prior to and kept by folks that would best be categorized as rich white-collar donors.

That just happened to prevent access to said hearing by folks that would be best described as faded blue-collar workers.

What makes the theatrics that have dominated the first five days of the General Assembly so pathetic is that for the first time in a long time, the same party controls all three parts of government.

There is no reason for these games — unless you really might not be that proud of how you are acting or unless democracy is something you really are not interested in.

Michael Ross