Letters to the Editor

Don’t mislead on travel ban

Regarding the Feb. 11 op-ed, “Presidential order was right first step to combat terrorism” by Mark K. Metcalf: It is scary to see how nonchalantly supporters of President Donald Trump’s travel ban manipulate facts to serve their own purposes.

Metcalf, a former Justice Department and immigration-court official, talks about the 36 specially designated countries, but Trump targeted only seven of those countries in the travel ban.

Statistics were presented for 2011-2014, but President Barack Obama instituted a new set of travel checks in December, 2015, so earlier statistics don’t apply.

Metcalf then cites al-Qaida incidents from 1997 through 2011. How does this help us?

What has happened between December 2015 and today?

What are the specific weaknesses in the way we currently review the immigrants/refugees coming from those seven countries that our president seems so concerned about?

Don’t try to distract us with misleading statistics.

Greg Schorr